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I decided to throw my hat at making a picture frame to fit a 4×6 picture, I'll do my best at describing the steps so bear with me.

I found a great step by step video on the below website and link.

The below link will show you how to build this frame on a website called

Materials & Tools Needed
(1) 48" piece of pine I used some 1×5 scrap .
(1) plexiglass

Router ( mine is housed in a table)
3/4" straight bit
1/4" round over bit
Mitre saw
Table saw

Step 1: take your 48" board and with your 1/4" round over bit I ran each side of one side through the router, this created a completed rounded over profile.
step 2: measure 1/4" below the profile and rip it through your table saw ( this created the moulding strip for the frame.
Step 3: with 4" wide board left I routered a 3/4" channel 1/4" deep ( using my 3/4" straight bit)into the board, this creates a home for the moulding to fit into the newly created channel
step 4: With the channel facing upward on the table I then put my round over bit and routered the entire side of the board
step 5: if you have a rabbit bit you would use it now, but I don't so I used my 3/4" straight bit , 1/4" in front of my router fence and a 1/4" deep.. This creates a rabbit that will ultimately hold your plexiglass and picture and backing
Step 6: glue your moulding into the 3/4" dado or channel you cut earlier, glue and clamp

Step 7 : after the moulding is set into the frame it's time to mitre cut the 45° angles of 4 pieces of the frame …

Step 8: all that's left is glue the mitre corners and put a finish on the frame.



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