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Project Information

Last summer I assisted a friend of mine to help him build a cabinet for his girlfriend, now fiancé. He said he had some wood and upon looking at it found it to be maple and swamp white oak. (Last summer I posted a project called mystery wood.) We started construction, the top is made out of boards of swamp white oak with a sandwiched board of hickory in the middle (just for accenting the swamp oak's sap wood). The front of the cabinet will hold to pictures that are sandwiched in place between plexiglass and plywood. Over all the whole cabinet turned out great with the high gloss tung oil finish, personally I feel the top really makes the piece. Myself is on the left hand side of the 5th picture and my friend, Eric, is on the right-hand side. The last picture shows the nature wood without any finish, just planned.Happy woodworks, Christian.



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