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Workshop Information

My current workshop is at the end of version 2. I am planning a rebuild of an old detached garage. My skills are improving and my interest in woodworking are evolving. I am beginning to understand my tools better, and I am slowly starting the upgrade process.

I just became a member of lumberjocks. Pictures of the workshop will come soon.

Ongoing projects
I am restoring our 1949 house since 2007. We have completed a brand new first floor and a roof, with the help of professionals. We have made new floors and a kitchen at the ground floor. Our next project is a ceiling and redoing the finish of the walls. The basement is still original and the last project of the house. I am expecting further 10 years of rebuilding.

Basement workshop - Version 1
The workshop started as an empty room in the basement. The room is 2m x 3m and very small. It started with 2 sawhorses and most of the tools on the floor. In the end I was unable to enter the room.

Basement workshop - Version 2¨
This is the current setup. I cleared the room and started making some simple storage and working surfaces. I have only used materials left from other projects. It ended up quite allright and I don't think thet the layout of the room could be any better.

The room is too small to use most of my tools the right way. I have made a lot of compromises, but I get around. I have upgraded most of my tools and I have started to focus on hobby woodworking rather than construction.

Garage workshop - New workshop
I have an old garage that holds a lot of materials and junk. I have started clearing it out and will tear it Down at the end of the summer 2015. I am in the process of designing my new workshop, and will make some noise about it on this site :)

The woorkshop will still be small, about 3m x 6m. But I will have 1m x 6m of storage on the outside of the garage. This will help me keep the shop tidy.



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Welcome to Lumberjocks! I'm always excited to see new woodworkers here, especially from around the globe. I've been on here for a few years and really love it. looking forward to seeing your progress.