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Project Information

My DW wanted a pepper mill holder to prevent the pepper dust from spreading over the dining room table. Although it is easy to visualize, I had to figure out how to make it without a lathe, using just a router. I decided to make a couple of large circle templates that the router would follow. These circle templates were a few
inches larger than the diameter of the router base (depending on the shape and size of the router bit used) and made from 3/16" hardboard. This would let the router make a 'small' circle on the stock. The top (pepper mill side) is a smaller circle dia than the bottom.

So……... to make the two circle templates for the router, I had to make a template that would allow me to make different size circles. That is, I had to make a template to allow me to make another template. I was able to source these plans on the net.

The block is solid cherry finished, hand sanded down to 200 grit paper with three coats of mineral oil hand rubbed to a satin sheen. The most difficult part was hand sanding the inside of the top to remove the spirals and grooves left by the router bit.

The final product is my third attempt as the first two ended up being either too large (in the DW's opinion) or had the wrong size hole template. This last bit is tricky as you are matching the radius of the hole template with the radius of the router base as well as the radius of the router bit.



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This pepper mill dock turned out very nicely! Sounds like you had a bit of a challenge with the bowl feature, but figured out a way to do it. This will look great on your dining table-and you get to admire it every time you have dinner!

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Sounds like you were tenacious, and resourceful as well. The end result looks great.