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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Red oak, ebony, maple, cherry, brass rod.
Tools Used
Router, Bandsaw
When I built my granddaughter's convertible crib in 2019 (delivered the day she was born), I embedded a replaceable teddy bear inlay medallion in the headboard, thinking I could update the bed with something age appropriate as she grew. Well, years passed, and just as she moved from crib to toddler bed, I finally got around to doing something for her 3rd birthday. A goofy little penguin.

Now that she's fully aware of the mutable nature of the medallion, I expect I might be getting some requests in coming years, which is just fine with me.

Materials: read oak (background) ebony, maple, cherry, and 3mm brass rod (eyes).

And this is what it looks like in the toddler bed incarnation of the convertible crib/bed.

And this is the original teddy bear that it replaced.


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very cool grandpa,ill bet she uses those on her childs bed someday. 😎 (y)

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That is sweet, and a wonderful job. It's always nice to do something for the grandkids. Well Done.