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I wanted to pass on a few mods to the Paulk Workbench that really helped me out.

#1 - Table Saw Stand and Infeed Table Extension: I found that I couldn't get my table saw outfeed edge to always remain aligned with the workbench causing me to have to lift up the workpiece while cutting to clear the table edge. I also have a very short infeed distance on my particular saw and it's a hassle to always have a roller support out to assist support the material in my small shop. I built a stand for the table saw with an adjustable leg the supports it at the end so I can dial in the height and level. Critical where I live in CO due to expansive soils that continually lift and drop cement slabs throughout the year as much as 1 inch. This also gives me some hanging storage areas for often-used items (dustpan, brush…) With the table saw stand I was able to attach an infeed table. It took some creative cutting so I had full access to my controls, but after 4 years of use, I have not had any issues with access. It gave me an additional 16 inches of infeed length and can drop down out of the way.

#2 - Chop Saw Drawer - My shop is very small so having my 3 main machines in one table is critical. The issue I had was clearance for the outfeed of material with my chop saw on the left side of the blade. Obviously you can move the 50lb chop saw but that's a hassle. I mounted some drawer glides and a platform so I can just turn the chop saw angle to the right and extend the drawer out to gain an additional 17 inches of clearance to the left side of the table saw blade.

#3 - Sacrificial Bench Top: I installed a 1/4 Masonite board over the top of the bench that can be removed and replaced.

I hope these ideas can help you out!




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Love it when you can make a good design "better"...

Have always admired the Paulk bench but regrettably I already have a workshop setup that works for me well enough to not motivate a major change.

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You do great work/design. I have to ask about the baseball bat holder?!? Just wondering…