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Workshop Information

United States
My workshop is a small room, about the size of 1/2 a two car garage. It is in the basement of my house with an outside entrance. I have a Steel City table saw with a new Incra Positioner Fence system, which I am still trying to figure out and get use to. I have a new Grizzly 14" bandsaw, a new 17" Jet drill press, a Delta 46-460 lathe, Delta planer, Rigid 6" jointer, DeWalt scroll saw, router table and a few other sanders, grinder etc. Needles to say I don't build many big items, although I was able to build a 15" kayak in my space. I'd love to have more room but I do enjoy what i have. It is a bit of a mess right now but I will add pictures any.

2019 - have made some changes in the past couple years, sold the DeWalt saw, now have a Seyco and a Hegner 22vs. Got rid of the Incra table saw fence, just could not get comfortable with it, went back the original Bessy style fence. Have added a Shark Guard to my table saw and a folding outfeed table. Picked up a Craftsman 9" disk/6" x 48" sander free, restored it and love it. Replaced my 12" disk sander and the little belt sander I had. Also sold the Rigid Jointer I had. So rarely used it and it is the one tool I always feared. Also have a Rigid oscillating belt/spindle sander. Not real fond of it but so use the spindle sander part occasionally.



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Looks like you've made the most out of your space. Nice shop, enjoy your work there.