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This is a bed that can be used as either a canopy bed or a standard four-poster bed. This was done by adding post extension and a canopy to the top. I made the top caps on the band saw with a coupled routed squares on the bottom. The wood of choice was both Popular and Maple.

Queen Size convertible canopy
High Gloss Lacquer finish
Fluted Post
Doweled side rail connections with draw type bolts.
Laminated top arch molding

This project was the first one that I used a brand new tool. It is a doweling jig from Dowelmax. The is a great tool and wished I bought one earlier. I used it everywhere. On the post/panel joint, to align and connect the lower post to the upper post and the upper post to the finale.

It also allowed me to make a much stronger side rail connection. I used three holes in each end of the side rail. Two for dowels and the center one for a machine screw. The machine screw connected to a half moon connecter that was set in a 1" hole. With the Dowelmax, I was able to perfectly align everything.

The top arch was laminated into that shape. Since I don't have a vacuum system, I did it a little different technique. I cut the top cap into 6 1/8" strips. Put glued between each layer. Tacked it down in the center, onto the headboard (I didn't glue the bottom layer to the headboard. I then clamped them all together with as many clamps that I had. Once it dried, I removed it and trimmed all sides. Added an edge profile and put it back on, this time with glue.

The bottom of the post was cut on the band saw and then all the post were clamped together and the coves were cut at the same time. The post were rotated 90 degrees and cut again. This was continued until all the side were hit.

Dowelmax made this project a lot easier. They are located in Canada and I believe they will send a free DVD. I would recomend this to anyone.

For more picture check out my "Current Projects" link at

This is a mock-up of the side rail described above

Clamping up the laminated pieces for the top trim.



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nice work and good design

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what a gorgeous design. Love the 4 poster-design.

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That is a beautiful looking set Chris! You guys make this stuff look easy (but it isn't…).

I guess you are yet another satisfied DowelMax customer.