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Hello Everybody!

I recently finished my latest project, and I have to say that I am just thrilled with how it came out! It is these kinds of projects that make you feel like you "really can do this" or that you "just might be able to hone your skills enough to be a good wood worker some day". With the completion of this project I have to say I feel both of those things, especially after enduring failed project after failed project! (Learning experiences)

So I built for my now 6 month old daughter this highchair. My wife requested that I not post pictures of the highchair with her in it on the internet, so I will oblige her and accomodate her request. The wood used is all from a pallet (really just 1/2 of one) that I believe is pine (I am new at species identification). "I will post an entire how I built it" on my blog when I get the time and I will leave a link in the comments when I do.

All construction is done with wood glue (it is very sturdy). The only screws are the hardware for the non-mortised hinges and the locking latch. I installed strap buckles for holding the seat in place and my daughter (she is a squirley one). I chose however to leave them off so you can see the chair. I also used a semi gloss seal to complete the project. It allows the wood to really be itself. On the back I made mortise holes for the through tenons on the arms. I also wanted to make a simple design, so I made a carved duck. I burned the duck body with a butane torch and then glued and clamped the wing and beak. (note to self; perform the burning before I put the duck on the back)

I hope you enjoyed my small project, took me about a week to design and build! All comments are welcome, God Bless!

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Almost looks like Beetle Pine. Either way it's a nice job.

It's never a failed project. It's an alternative outcome to a planned project.

Keep up the good work.

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Smart design. The project looks to have gone together quickly. If I had designed that, I would have complicated it beyond repair. Nice job.

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Sweet work! One of the many smart ideas to use pallets! Keep them coming.