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Originally I wanted to build only a single router plane. But while starting, I decided it might be handy later to have the original smaller one as well as a bigger counterpart. For that reason only the small one has a blade installed, I yet have to order the bigger blade :)

I found the plan. when watching this video . By scaling the picture on the last page to the desired sizes I got templates for drilling the 3 holes and for cutting out on the bandsaw. Additionally I cut part of the front off to have a better view to the blade.


Apart from being rather lightweight, the biggest drawback is the missing microadjustment. After thinking a while about this, it dawned on me, that the smaller Veritas blade has a round and apparently unhardened rod with exactly the right diameter for an M6 thread. And incidently this means one turn is exactly one millimeter. I don't have a nice knurled knob, so a wing nut has to do. See the last picture for the end result.

Hopefully I can find a similar solution for the bigger one :)



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Nice job, I've seen those made like that before.. have wanted to try to make myself. Its on that long list maybe bucket list.

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Super looking router planes it's great to make nice looking functional tools.