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I have seen some very nice outfeed tables on this site, but unfortunately, many folks are saddled with a limited work area that precludes them from building one. I built this one after surfing the web for ideas. It has exceeded all of my expectations. It allows for a protective cover and assembly/work surface over my tablesaw, an additional (36" x 77") huge bench when relocated, and of course an outfeed table that's actually larger than my entire saw table. With all these attributes, it takes up absolutely no room, being on the same footprint as the saw.
As you can see in the photo's, this table has pivoting casters that raise the table so your tablesaw can be rolled under it. When you release the levers, the table is lowered for the outfeed purpose. Leg levelers allow the table to be adjusted to even or just below your saw height. The table has locking casters and is very stable.
Even if you have a lot of room in your shop, space is always valuable. This table also eliminates any assembly or disassembly time and work, and obviously a storage issue.
I purchased this plan for $7.95 at this address:

The plan and drawings are excellent and the author went through the time and trouble to come up with a material list formula that calculates the piece sizes for any brand tablesaw. You just measure your tablesaw's length, width and height and your good to cut.

On top of all this, it was alot of fun to construct.



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I'll have to think about doing this in my shop (1/2 of a 2 car garage). I've been thinking of trying to find a cheap source of rolling pins to make my own collapsible outfeed roller table, but I'll have to think about if I'd rather just have a rolloff table instead.

As for keeping the workbench clear, I've been keeping a blanket over my saw to try and keep down on the rust (Houston has a lot of humidity), so the act of putting the blanket on it forces me to clear the saw off after every use. This only means that all of my workbenches are always covered.