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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Salvaged pallet wood.
Tools Used
Hand saw, brace and bit,
K2E 6K2
Sorry for the lighting. They do look much better when lit up later in the afternoon and evening.

The only reasonable shots of construction show how simple this really was. I laid the 2x4 uprights on the shop floor and then placed "enough" salvaged pallet boards into "about the right" position. Then I stacked a few of those pallet boards on the bench, aligning one end, and holding them with a holdfast. Gang-cutting like this makes the layout trivial (non-existent?) and the results are more uniform.

After one end is cut, the boards are laid back down and the approximate length is marked with some chalk. The boards are then restacked for cutting, and the first-cut end of the top board is used as a guide/template to get the angles somewhat similar to the opposite ends.

The boards are all screwed from the 2x4 upright so that they don't show from the front. Then some short 3x3 blocks (9-12" - I don't know; I didn't measure them) were screwed to the back at the bottom end of the uprights. I bored a 1" hole straight up the middle of all of the blocks.

The blocks allow me to drift some 12-24" long rebar offcuts into the ground and just slip the decorations into place over the rebars. A great benefit to this approach is that the wood is never in direct contact with the ground and the decorations can be located and rotated quite easily.

I couldn't find any boards the "right size" for the top, so I improvised.

Then the boss took over for the finishing tasks. The Chief Inspector was there, as always. Also note some of our outdoor plants that overwinter in the heated shop.


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