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Workshop Information

My workshop is my two-car garage. I park the cars in the laneway so I don't have to share. It isn't that big - just 20' x 20' and it has to share with a few things such as my snow blower and lawnmower. However this is still a very good amount of space.

I only started the shop a month and half ago. My first task was to insulate it, put in vapour barrier and get something on the walls. I live in Canada and I want to use as a four-season shop. It has windows and I'll mount an air conditioner for the summer. Come this fall I'll look into proper heating options. Right now I just use an electric heater when I need to take the chill off.

I'm just starting to accumulate my main power tools. I did woodworking about 10 years ago but then gave it up and sold off everything as I just wasn't able to get enough time given my busy family life at the time. However now I have a lot more time and I'm excited to get back into it.

Having the opportunity to 'buy all over again' I'm taking the approach of buying equipment that will last as long as I need while at the same time being as economical as possible. I give a lot of thought to each thing I buy and do a lot of research. It also helps to acknowledge upfront how much it costs to setup a decent shop. My general budget to get it up and running over the first 6 months is about $15k for the power tools, hand tools, bench and dust collection. While this may seem a lot I've friends with boats costing $30k or cars well over $60k while I drive a well used Nissan. We all have our priorities in life.

So far I've got:

My workbench

-SawStop 3 HP PCS with 52" rails, mobile base and overarm dust collector
-8" jointer (Craftex, a Canadian brand that is approximately equivalent to Grizzly)
-Dewalt 735 planer with extension tables and stand
-Bandsaw - 14" Grizzly G055LX
-Jessem Master Lift Excel II router lift, table and fence
-Drill press - 15" Porter Cable

-2 HP single-stage dust collector with a Thein baffle (also a Craftex brand)



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I absolutely can relate to your comment about boats and cars. It makes far more sense, in my view, to outfit your shop with $15 K and change. Good luck. You're off to a good start.

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What do you think of the jointer you have? I have been considering upgrading to an 8" one, just not sure to go with the knives or a spiral cutter head…

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The jointer is a Craftex CX08 which I reviewed here -

I went with the knives over the spiral cutterhead because I feel on a jointer for a hobbyist that a spiral cutterhead is overkill. If I milling 4/4 lumber to 3/4", I'll pass it twice it over the jointer but will probably run it through the planer 6-8 times. That being said I use a DeWalt 735 planer with knives as they are reversible and easy to replace.