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Workshop Information

United States
I've only been serious about designing and building with wood since 2010 (now that the kids are out of the house). My workshop is my garage, and shares space with other hobbies - guns & reloading, motorcycles - as well as typical garage storage stuff. As such room is tight even though it's a 24' x 28' room. Luckily I have a window that I put a 10 kbtu AC window unit in for the summer. It's well insulated so the window unit keeps it cool in summer and just a 1500w heater keeps it warm in winter.

I use power tools for the grunt work, and hand planes, scrapers, and spokeshaves for flattening panels/table tops, replacing sandpaper, and various other stuff I come across. While I've developed a passion for handplanes, I use power tools where I can.

All the power tools are mounted on shop made carts with HF mobile bases for moving around. The only stationary items are 2 workbenches. I started off with handplanes as a last resort to get table tops flat and fell way down the slippery slope - I now have over 40 of 'em.

What's a workshop without tools to use, so he is a list of most of them:

Reference Books:

Technical Woodworking / Auth: Groneman & Glazer / Pub: Mcgraw-Hill 1966
Great Wood Finishes / Auth: Jeff Jewitt / Pub: Taunton Press 2000
Understanding Wood Finishing / Bob Flexner / Pub: Reader's Digest 2005

Power Tools:

Bosch 4100 Table Saw
Dewalt DW735 13" planer
Bosch 1617 EVS Router table mounted / RA1181 Bench Router Table
Bosch 1617EVS Router for free hand use
HF 2 HP Dust Collector w/Thein style chip collection
Wynn 35A Cartridge Filter
sold HF 34706 12" x 36" Lathe
Nova Galaxi DVR 16×44 Lathe
Craftsman 10" 1/3 HP Bandsaw
Delta 12" Bench Drill Press w/HF Table/Fence
Kobalt 2 Cyl Oil Lubed Air Compressor, 2 HP, 5.5 SCFM at 90 psi, Regulated 150 psi
Emglo 2 Cyl Oil Lubed Air Compressor, 2 HP, 5.5 SCFM at 90 psi, Regulated 120 psi
Compressors can be piped together if needed for spray finishing

Finishing Tools:

CA Technologies HVLP CPR-G Stainless gun with 1mm, 1.3 mm, 1.7 mm, 2.2 mm tips/rods (spectacular spray gun)
3M PPS cup system (excellent system)
Asturo HVLP mini gun 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.7 mm tips/rods
Assorted cheapie spray guns - don't waste your time if you want ok finishes, much less professional looking
Spray Booth with Roman Shade walls (raise & lower as needed)
1000 CFM booth blower with twin 20" x 20" filters


Shop made sharpening cart
Grizzly 10" Wet Sharpener
Tormek SE-76 Square Edge Jig
Tormek SP-650 Stone Grader
Tormek SVD-185 Gouge Jig
Tormek TT-50 Truing & Dressing Tool
Tormek TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter
Tormek WM-200 Anglemaster
Tormek BGM-100 bench grinder rest
3M Lapping Film 30um, 12um, 3um, 0.3um
DMT Duosharp 8" x 2-1/2" bench stones
Veritas Small Blade Holder
Various shop made honing jigs
Various glass on Masonite lapping plates
Shop made Planer Knife Jig - Duelen style

Hand Tools:

Veritas BU Jointer w/Fence
Veritas Low Angle BU Jack
Veritas BU Smoother
Veritas Large Scraping Plane
Veritas Small Scraping Plane
Veritas Edge Trimming Block Plane
Veritas Flush Plane
Veritas Jointer Fence for Stanley Planes
Veritas Low Angle Spokeshave
Veritas Low Angle Spokeshave kit
Lee Valley Contour Planes
Lee Valley Draw Knife

Stanley Bailey #4
Stanley Bailey #4-1/2
Stanley Bailey #5
Stanley Bailey #5-1/2
Stanley Bailey #7 (Veritas A2 Blade & Chip Breaker)
Stanley Bailey Contractor 12-920 Std Angle Block Plane
Stanley Bailey Contractor 12-960 Low Angle Block Plane
Stanley Sweetheart 12-139 LA Block Plane
Stanley #71 Router Plane
Stanley #79 Side Rabbit Plane
Stanley #80 Cabinet Scraper
Stanley #151 Flat Spokeshave

Mujingfang Ebony Adj Chamfer Plane
Mujingfang Ebony Shoulder Plane
Mujingfang African Ebony European (horn) Style Smoother - 9-3/4" x 45° 2" HSS Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood 11" Jack Plane 45° 1-3/4" Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood 4" Smoother 63° 1-1/8" Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood 8-1/2" Smoother 63° 2" Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood Adj Plough Plane
Mujingfang Rosewood Block Plane 6" x 1-7/16" 45°

Keen Cutter K4 Plane
Fulton #4 size Plane
Lie Nielsen #102 Apron Plane
Record Low Angle Block Plane
Shop Fox 3/4" Shoulder Plane
Kunz Squirrel Tail Plane
Iwasaki 8" Half Round Extra Fine Milled Tooth File
Iwasaki 8" Flat Extra Fine Milled Tooth File
Nicholson USA Superior Milled Curved Tooth 12" 1/2 Round File
Nicholson USA Superior Milled Curved Tooth 8" 1/2 Round File



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What a list of tools, it will be challenge getting it all in the shop. Looks like you are well covered for tools.

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Looks like a well used shop. As always never enough room.

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Great bunch of tools you've listed. Space is always an issue no matter how big your shop is.
Bigger shop just equals more valuable "stuff" to store'
Thanks for showing us your shop.

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Nice shop! I like the two covered tools in the back right of the first picture. I have two of my toys/ oops tools pictured in one of my projects (the Porsche Crest Plaque). Happy woodworking!