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Since I started turning I've wanted to do larger pieces.
The wife was kind enough to let me get a Powermatic 3520B with two bed extensions (118" total bed length).
This is the first turning.
The wood was one of two trunk sections from a pine tree a neighbor was throwing away.
Both pieces had been sitting in their yard for a while and were infested with termites.
Where the termites had eaten into the wood a spalting process was started as well with some very interesting patterns.
I ran the original Powermatic 3" faceplate with 6 2" screws into the base and kept the tailstock and live center until I had enough mass removed to cut out the core.
Due to the poor condition of the wood, with termite damage, spalting, and just plain rot, I never exceeded 350 rpm.
I used a Sorby ultima hollowing tool for most of the interior work.
I used a belt sander on the outside, and a 3 inch sanding pad on the inside with both down to 320 grit.
Finish is two applications of 2 pound shellac and two coats of sprayed on old poly.
Will probably do 4 or 5 more coats of poly to try and even out the shine.

Additional work is also visible at, feel free to 'like' it.
Appreciate any critique, or suggestions.



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I'm proud of the way you worked today! This is something striking!

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Wow Pete,
Very Nice work, also very Gracious of your Wife to agree on the new Lathe.
This piece looks much larger on the Lathe than it does the Table.

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This could be my own personal ice cream bowl. WOW! Very awesome

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Pretty nice…... It does look huge on the lathe vs the table…....