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Hi folks!

Been away for a while as I was determined to finish up my major project for this year. And that was setting up my shop. The project started April 1st and is at least done to where it is usable. (I still have permanent wiring and lighting to do) It's a small, portable shop that I have to share with the wife's car when the weather turns bad. (like right now when it's cold and snowing) And I don't mind sharing as she really hates the cold and I really hate having to scrape my truck AND her car at 5:00 in the morning so we can go to work. But I'm dead set on having a shop. And that is not negotiable. I tell my family it is because it's fun for me. My daughter says it's because medication works better if you combine it with therapy. So, without further ado, for better or worse, here is my shop.
Picture one is standing in front of my work bench looking toward the garage so you can get an idea of size.

Picture two is my "table saw" or as I call it, "the little saw that could". It's a Ridgid 4510. I spent a good deal of time setting it up and it's spot on. Have a good collection of various Diablo blades and it can do an 8 inch x 3/4 inch dado stack. I've made a full compliment of sleds and sacrificial fence. I just don't try doing a full 4×8 sheet of anything. But it's a great little saw and I highly recommend it. (do not underestimate this saw)

Picture three is my DeWalt 12" miter saw mounted on a Ridgid gravity rise stand. Home Depot was having a sale and I was able to pick up the saw for about a third off list. Told the Mrs. that this was too good of a deal to pass up at that price. She said I could have it since it was my birthday. (it really was) But a new saw needs a new stand especially if the shop has to remain portable. So…another highly recommended product is the Ridgid gravity rise stand. This stand blows all the others away in my opinion in easy to setup and easy to use. I can go from empty space to full miter station in under 10 seconds. This is a killer combination.

Picture 4 shows what I got for Christmas from the wife. (am I a lucky guy or what) It's a DeWalt planer on a DeWalt portable stand. Everyone knows this planer so nothing to add there. The stand, however, is supposed to be a "miter/planer" stand. But as you see, the planer is bolted to plywood which is bolted to the stand. The maximum rail width of the stand is 16 inches where the bolt pattern of the planer is 18 inches. A bit inconvenient but I'm not complaining as "HOLY CRAP, WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT"!!! Kind of heavy as a side note.

Picture 5 shows everything folded up and out of the way. There is also a Porter Cable drill press, a refrigerator, and the large Incra router table with all the bells and whistles (complete with a Porter Cable 7518 router motor) stashed in there. Also a small Rikon band saw and a combination sanding/grinding work station. On the right is some 3/4 plywood shelves I made for storage. Also, the ceiling is exposed beam so I have extra wood and clamps up there. (yes, the floor was painted with epoxy) And I think I did a pretty good job as the last picture shows that, yes indeed, the Mrs. can get her car in there.

I think it's a pretty good setup. And I want to thank all you lumber jocks for giving me inspiration and ideas. Everything about this shop came from you folks. Your comments, your reviews, even your rants. Clearly a wealth of knowledge can be had from this site. And I like seeing what you guys make. Hope to some day show you guys some fancy boxes and end grain cutting boards and cabinets and stuff that I made. But first I think I need to take the wife out for steak and lobster as " HOLY CRAP, WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT"!!!



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Nice use of space. Looks like it is about the same size as mine, although I don't know that I could fit a car in there. Your space is definitely more organized and functional though.