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Offcuts turned into More Fund Raisers and gifts for someone..

Dean at Living Timbers in Penrith had some "give away" offcuts of small Camphor Laurel slabs.

Home - Living Timber Co

They were about 30-35mm thick and big enough for serving boards, so I ripped the board in the bandsaw then put them through the thicknesser.

These pieces were offcuts of the previous boards which I have biscuited and glued together after attempting to book match them.

With such good figure and colour I had to try to use these offcuts.

I used slow epoxy to fill the voids and cracks but on the prettier of the boards I was disappointed with the result as there were lots of fine cracks and pinholes after the initial sanding.

I have a pack of "IceEpoxy" resin, but haven't as yet been game enough to use it, but I think now is the time to start that learning process.

Ice Epoxy Crystal Casting Resin - CREATE PIECE OF ART

There was lots & lots of sanding, filling with epoxy plus Starbond CA the polishing with "Food Grade" Kustom Grit Step#1.

Kustom Grit Superfine Abrasive Paste | Kustom Creations

They came up okay and should do good [I'm my own worst critic] .

Cheers Peter



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