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Project Information

Normally, I try to make one or two of these a year. The process is pretty involved and tasking. Basically, you need an 8" diameter tree 8-10 feet long; 4'-5' of it having no knots. Slit the tree in half, split the halves in half and shape the pieces into at least a 1"x2". Divide the width into three and make your fork cuts. Steam the wood for a few hours and bend it to desired shape. If you end up with two good pieces out of the 4, then you have done well. Use a brass or iron nail to secure the "neck" area. This will prevent the "neck" from cracking open as you separate the forks. Hickory is the easiest wood to do this project due to its pliability. Oak is a challenge due to its wood fiber tendency to separate when heated or soaked while bending.



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Cool pitch fork! The technique on how to make it, is way cooler. Great job!