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Here's my oak Hal Taylor rocker with walnut accent. I'm sure there are plenty of these on the site so I won't bore you all with details of the build, unless asked :). A couple things I did differently are the screw plugs, which were not done in a contrasting wood, and the finish I chose. Hal likes using a danish oil finish, and suggests Deft…which is no longer available. I used two different finishes on this chair. Since the back braces are flexible I wanted a finish that would allow for that movement, so water based top coat it was (7 coats), then rubbed with finishing wax. The rest of the chair got two coats of System Three Clear Coat penetrating epoxy, sanded, then a coat of finishing wax which was rubbed to a silkly smooth satin sheen. I chose the epoxy to add a bit of strength to the chair since the leg/rocker joints are end grain glued to face grain held in place with a screw in each leg. This should result in a much stronger chair. It required a lot of taping, but I'm very pleased with how the finish turned out.