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I learned a lesson from making all these curly cues especially in the bathroom for this is where most of a persons dead skin floats around and gets in those areas that is hard to keep dusted…especially when a person is 900 years old.
I am one who wants something different especially things I can build. Whups I didn't include a picture of the finished toilet paper holder. Its cute for I added some carvings before I finished it to have more places to catch more of that dead skin….
Everything has been sprayed a few coats of lacquer except where the wet towels hang and that area after the stain dried I used 100% tung oil, a couple of coats two weeks apart to let the first dry.
A commode busted while we were gone and all the bathroom I had to rip out and start over. I did the tile floor and the counter tops and I ripped up some small strips of the floor tile to add to the counter to break up the bla. All the wood is Ash. Best wood I ever worked with. It will take any stain one wishes to use..




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Are all of those cabinets Ash also? I might have to consider the wood, as I don't believe it is too expensive.