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We moved out of our beloved little cabin in the woods over a year ago, but we were still using the nightstands I built to match the old bedroom.

It was time to build new nightstands to match our bedroom furniture (now that they are actually in our bedroom.) It used to be in our living room because thats the only place we could put them.

So I built these to match our black and silver dressers. They are made out of MDF, tacked together with a brad nailer and painted black. I matched the bottom scrollwork detail on the dressers and used the same paint and hardware.

The first nightstand has a drawer on top, a shelf for magazines or books on the bottom, and a middle section that, uh, has sort of a special purpose. The flip-down door has a spring-loaded magnet catch so if you slap the door it pops open. Inside is a "safe" bolted into the cabinet, a MagLight in a mounting bracket, and a LED light mounted above. It also has a lock that I can use when I'm on vacation, kids in the house, etc.

The last two photos are of the second nightstand which just has two drawers and a shelf. I decided to put a lock on the lower drawer so it would match the other nightstand. I figured it might come in handy anyway.



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Nice stands Blake! I like the security features, great job

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I like things that have a specific purpose. Great build and write-up!