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I "think" this is the third part, but the new format makes it hard to tell. Anyway, I glued up the carcasses after staining the drawer web faces for the three that are stained.

I put on some drawer runners (have to pad out the inner rail offset:

I fitted the top. Since the top is the upper drawer web, the mounting figure 8 washers are installed in reverse, being mortised into the top versus the rails of the carcass:

I then fitted the drawer fronts. this was a pain as I really make no allowence for keeping the upper part of the front legs square during glue up. The rear rail holds it pretty true and the drawer web keeps the front distance between the legs, but drawer fitting was tedious as the front legs ended up at about 91 or 92 degrees from the drawer web. Regardless, it is not optically visible and no drawer I have ever made was a perfect fit with a 90 degree cut.

I re-sawed some 5/4 stock of soft maple for the sides and back. Next up is staining the drawer faces, making the drawers and then putting on a finish.

I had to stop during this phase and resharpen all my steel and generally buff my gear as I keep all my "stuff" in a box. I had a water line break and unknown to me, the box got splashed and the tools got rust spots. All good now, but it was frustrating to have to put a new primary bevel on my seven main chisels, rub out rust from my scrapers and old squares. Oh well.


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You are making some progress there.

FYI. As for the Journals, you can copy the title link into each chapter to reference to the past ones and edit the past ones with the title link the latest one. That is what I have been doing and also a couple of others have done the same. Hoe that helps.