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Workshop Information

United States
This is where all the magic happens. I live on post in base housing. We have a small garage wih limited outlets. I have to shuffel things around to work sometimes but it's ok, I'm fortunate to have the space. I would like it if i were allowed to "modify" it but alas, the Army doesn't value the possibility of having a unit with a fully functional shop.
1. my horses with a bench attatchment for my saw.
2. my only piece of floor equipment, a jointer that I got for FREE..yes..F-R-E-E FREE! Can you believe it?
3. My paint/stain cabinet and tool shelves
4. Another view
5. What I refer to as my "light duty" bench.
6. Another bench, some tools, and a cabinet.

All my shelves were slapped together with scrap I picked up on trash night, the chairs were side-o-the-road-gold, the cabinets came from a building on post that was being gutted. It's a good start I think.



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NR, that's a good start for a shop and you can have a lot of fun in there as well as making many things for your family. Stick with it and one day I'll bet that you'll have the shop of your dreams.

helluvawreck aka Charles

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I checked out your blog. I was actually taking some time to research some hand tools and develope a wish list of such. Your list is a help. Many of the basic carpentry tools I have. Thanks for the link.