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Workshop Information

Single car garage. Some improvements desired, but need to share it in the winter with the car. Just getting started into this wonderful hobby this year (2010).

Dust collection is a rigid vac with a dust deputy.

Tools are Craftsman Tablesaw, Busy Bee Jointer and bench top models of the following:
- drill press
- Ryobi 13" planer
- Delta 6" bandsaw
- Mastercraft 8" grinder

hand tools that I prize:
- Veritas BU smoother
- Veritas BU block
- Veritas Junior Jack

Wish List:
- more storage (who doesn't want more?)
- Floor model Bandsaw - This one may change the status of the garage officially to a permanent woodshop
- Jointer - got it 8/31/2010
- proper workbench - Done 8/23/2010!

Not really going all out Norm or full on Neanderthall, but currently embracing the best of both worlds.

Nothing special, but it's mine!

I will update with more pics when I finish getting my shop reorganized which is quite the effort following the completion of my new bench.



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Nice start on your shop. Look forward to seeing it progress in time.

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Mike, this is a nice shop that you have to work in. It looks like you have effectively utilized the space that you have and you have some nice tools as well. Bummer about having to store the "non-essentials" in your shop space but I guess they have to go someplace. I tried to keep both a garage and a shop for years but finally just gave up and let my truck sit outside. Beside being able to avoid the constant set-up and tear down it did give me more room for tools!!

Thanks for the pictures. I enjoyed touring your shop.

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Thanks for the tour.

This reminds me of my last garage/shop. The only difference this time is I refused to share. Lucky we have a relatively mild climate.

You are acheiving a lot with a minimal space. You should be proud. Keep plugging at it. I look forward to seeing stuff promoted from the wish list to the have list, as I'm sure you do. It takes time but it'll be worth it.


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kind of narrow, but I know narrow, Steve in Oregon