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With limited drawer space I have always had to have a knife block. Had a fairly standard one on the counter but didn't like the amount of space it took up. My kitchen also has the old electrical panel (all wiring passes through it so I can't get rid of it) being all ugly on the wall. Came up with this idea to get rid of the knife block and help mask the electrical panel.

Picture one and two just show the unit uninstalled. The main face is reclaimed cedar from the old carport siding I took down this summer. The trim is Brazilian cherry. Finished with a cherry stain and 3 coats of poly.

In the third picture you can see it fully installed. It attaches to the wall with magnets onto the metal electrical panel front. Two 20 lb magnets are glued to the back and a bracer bar is attached to the bottom back so it stays on the wall flush. I had originally thought about flush mounting the magnets but decided to leave them out to create a space to grab the knife.

Each knife has a custom slot instead of it being one wide slot.



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very nice and functional…..good work