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My Instructables on how to improve a crappy table saw generated quite a few comments that it did not show the actual build up process especially the fence mechanism, so as promised I am building the fence again because i what to change the fence stop.

I'm using another saw so before building the fence I need to make sure of the blade alignment, and this is what I'm showing in this short demo.

First step is to make sure that the blade travel stops at 90 and 45 degrees. if its out of true you will need to make adjustments in this case its a matter of turning the saw over and making the adjustments.please check your saw manual on blade alignment.

You need some small wedges for the next step, Please check my making wedges safely on the band saw.
Wedge a steel rule in the mitre channel making sure it's at 90 degrees

Mark the blade in one position then rotate blade so its on the table make your measurements make sure to write them down if blade is toeing in or out make adjustments until you get the same reading front and back. iv'e used a vernier gauge.
You can also use a straight edge laying along side the blade and measure to the steel rule.

Please check out the video for a more comprehensive view.

now I'm sure that everything is correct I'm going to build the fence.



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So….......... This is a finished project made out of wood, eh? Interesting.

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Hi,in response to setting up a bandsaw blade article isn't made out off wood.has I said at the start this is a intro into making a replacement fence for the tablesaw which will be made entirely out off wood,oak to be precise.had I not aligned the blade first it would be a waste of time making a fence to a badly aligned blade.
As I'm only allowed 6 photos I've had to split the article into two.blade alignment,Fence build.
As I'm new to this site are machine improvements articles OK.

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First and foremost….
Welcome to Lumberjocks.
A great place to feed your woodworking addiction!!!

As I m only allowed 6 photos I ve had to split the article into two.blade alignment,Fence build.
As I m new to this site are machine improvements articles OK.

- Marcello Bianchi
A blog would be the most appropriate place to post this content. You could create a "blog series" for the entire process, broken down to as many individual entries as needed. Then once the "wooden fence project" is completed, you could post the finished fence as a stand alone "project" post.

FYI: Additional pictures are ALWAYS allowed to be incorporated into the text portion of any post (forum topic, blog and/or project post.)

Happy blogging….