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I agree with the Nephew - not much carving required to make it look like a snake. How big is it? It would make an interesting snake cane if it is the right size.

Have fun with it and be sure to post a photo of the finished piece.

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hey leafherder: well it may not look like it required much "carving" to make it look like a Snake, but the vine/ wood (not quite sure what type, as of yet), the bark was very hard to carve,
I went through several utility blades. I first used Irwin then ended up using Milwaukee, since the Irwin are more expensive per pack. I just bought small pack of Milwaukee unity blades, now I will buy the contractors pack. Only tool I used to carve was a Sheffield (mfg) Unity knife - 12119 , that I found, I wrap with ace bandage to help with my neuropathy/ trigger finger/ arthritis

Wild Wood Snake { Fera ligna anguem } very rare in these parts of US
Length: from head to tail → [about ] (5' or 60") = (152.4cm) <counting>
Diameter = (5") = (12.7cm)

The only way it would make a interesting cane is to cut it, I have No plans of doing so.
But I do plan to dye/ acrylic paint the wood, then poly