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In first time I've a mobile base for my table saw :

and this sunday I decide to make my outfeed table

I' ve made a similar mobile base (more heigher ) and I 've made an ajustable base to put on it
and under I put my dust collector
These two pieces can be used for another things …........

Thanks for looking the pictures



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Now I'm even more confused! Why these slices in the wood?
Best thoughts,

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Notches for clamping?

I like how you level the top. that as given me the way to build an out feed table for my TS. I move it around a lot, sometimes have to "Aim" it to where the stock can go and as the floor is not to level I need a way to adjust an out feed table. I like your system, means I would not have to get down on the floor, and getting back up. Also a great place to put a shop vac. Great ideas all


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To Mafe and to Rand and the others lumberjock's

Yes the Notches are for clamping when I use this piece without my table saw

The mobile base can be used on the left, on the right or in the back of my table saw and the adjustable top can be used for a lot of work

The base will served for anothers machines like bandsaw, scroll saw, sander ….....

Now I've two bases and I use them in function of the height that I want to work

Have a nice day