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This is my newest workbench,. I have an entire series of blog entries detailing the build and the reasons behind the build and the design. Since I have explained it all elsewhere, I will just hit the high points. The bench is 62" long, 25" wide and 36" tall. It is constructed primarily from materials recycled from a previous workbench,

I wanted a bench that was a little more aesthetically pleasing, so I I stained the base with a mix of Minwax Red Mahogany and Sedona Red. I finsihed the top by padding on several coats of clear shellac.

I added the tool drawers because after completing the bench, I decided to rearrange my shop. I moved another workbench and my table saw station to the opposite wall, and found that in doing so, I had created some storage opportunities. The drawers are constructed from 1/2" plywood and are finished with shellac and paste wax.

The bench top is eventually going to be replaced with laminated maple and the current bench top is going to be repurposed into a desk top for my home office.

For further details, please see my blog entries.

Thanks for looking!



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That is a nice solid workbench with plenty of storage that you can close to keep clean!


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nice bench - I know the dwarers will come in handy