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A little while ago, my mother asked me to make her a cane. She has a bad knee and when walking any distance she usually uses a walker. But it's not always practical or necessary to have the walker, so she wanted a cane just to take some weight off when walking short distance.

I don't have a lathe, so the tapered shaft was shaped with a router on the table and then spokeshave. The handle was cut to rough on the bandsaw and then sculpted with rasps and files. The shaft is made of jatoba (Brazilian cherry) and the handle is bird's eye maple, with a ring of wenge in between. They are held together with two 2" dowels and Titebond 3 glue. The inlay was done by cutting the letters out with a Dremel and fine bit, and then filled with wood filler and sanded back. The whole thing was finished with about 5 coats *************** and rubbed out with paste wax and steel wool.
The height and handle were custom made for my mother, and she says they fit perfectly!

Thanks for looking.



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Beautiful!! Very Beautiful!!
Great work! That is some pretty Maple.
Very Nice work on the inlay!
Thanks for sharing.

I bet Mom was very pleased.

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I have made many canes and I really like this one. Your choice of woods is perfect!
I especially like the shape of the handle - alot of thought about how it would fit your mothers hand.
Well done… make more!