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I built this mobile dust collection cart for my ShopVac + Oneida Dust Deputy using the plans from MWA Woodworks.

Overall, it's a great cart for what it does. The footprint is only as big as it needs to be to fit the shop vac. I'd seen many other versions of a mobile dust cart which place the shop vac and dust deputy bucket next to each other but, in my small shop, I need to save as much floorspace as possible so I wanted something that would put them stacked vertically.

Since I've added a 20' hose, and built a PVC run that comes from under my table saw and passes down under my Roubo style bench so I can quick connect to the Dust Deputy, I don't really roll it around much anymore. When I did, however, it was small enough to squeeze around my shop to the places I needed to get it.

I've since decided that I wish I'd upgraded to a 2HP single stage proper DC (perhaps the HF version) and add a custom cyclone/thein baffle myself but, since my shop renovation, I've sunk significant $$$ into my 2 shop vac solution + 2-1/2" hoses+ pvc-so I told myself I would keep this solution until next Fall, at least.

I know this is exemplary sunk cost fallacy-but just because I'm away doesn't mean it doesn't affect me :D.

One day, I'll do a full post on my shopvacs + dust deputy + 2-1/2" DC system (perhaps while I am designing the system for 4" ductwork and getting ready to upgrade) but this post is about the cart!



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Nice setup! I used the stack method with mine too (plan adapted from Jay Bates) as I didn't want to have a wide base either. One suggestion would be to have some upright support for the tubing to the cone. I have mine bungle corded to the stand and I think that is helpful to keep attached (bungy added after picture and have bigger vacuum now)