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Awhile back we bought a bit of "scrap" quality blackwood for $15. This used about $2 worth of that, absolutely gorgeous stuff, though it was twisted/warped/knotty. I was able to get what I needed from it.

Tas oak is a poor choice for the handles, but I have lots of that laying around. Semi-open grain means it doesn't do external threads particularly well, I'll likely remake in blackwood down the track.

~300mm screw+handle, with about ~150mm threaded, 100mm handle and 50mm unthreaded. 5tpi, turns pretty well in 45mm (just shy of 2") "nut" in the back vise. Wooden threads can be a bit tricky when the nut gets that thick.

I had considered lining the front jaw with cork, but… no need. So much clamping pressure, it lifts the workbench before slipping. Very happy.

To cover up the crown spur drive marks on the handles, I've got my logo laser cut out of some random veneer I found around the workshop.

Build video on youtube



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Nice looking Moxon