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So happy was I using the last Project, the Whiffensniffer, it came into my mind to make a few more, and see if I could "share the joy" and perhaps make a little $$$ with them…
No $$$ yet, but as the investment has cost no more than my time so far (about 6 hours of it), a couple of scroll saw blades, some scraps of wood that were largely unusable anyway, and the remains of a rattle can of polyurethane, there's no loss yet…
Five were made like the original (indeed, out of the same scrap) of Cherry, which regrettably had an unseen split in it that rendered two of the five usable, but not marketable… (Pic. #2)
Five more were made of White Oak… (Pic.#3)
A Glue up of Mahogany and Oak was done for the last eight (see last Pic.)... These eight came out really handsome, but lacked the contrast I had anticipated after the finish was applied… I am probably going to do another small run of the things with some maple and mahogany or such-like for a more noticeable difference in coloring…
The process is fairly straight forward… After they're laid out, two 1/8" holes are drilled where the "Hooks" will be…
Then the space between is removed with the scroll saw, and then each one is cut out…

These were also made slightly shorter than the first one… After wearing that one for almost a month, I found that it was a little loose when I pulled it down to eat, so these were shortened just a tad to cinch them up… After wearing one for a couple of nights at work, I found it to be a lot better shorter…
And that's about it for that…

Hardly worth a mention, but on the Home Front here, I had changed out a lighting fixture in our Sun Room back in July…

There had been an unsightly 48" fluorescent up there and the bulbs died on it… Rather than replace the bulbs, I replaced the whole Lamp because we didn't like the look of it or the light it cast…
And so the old fixture leaned in the corner since, waiting for the next dump run…
I must be slowing down in the head, because it didn't occur to me until last week (almost four months later!), that the thing was just the ticket for our way-down half cellar, which has needed lighting forever…
After an electrical cord was requisitioned from an old drop light, wired to the thing, and new tubes were obtained, it was hung, with enlightening results…

It's not a pretty place, but there is quite a lot of space down there for storage… It will help too, if work is needed on the plumbing and/or electrical…

Anyway, thanks for your time, be Safe and be Well my Friends! :)

26 October 2020



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Nice going, Mike. You need to advertise!!

cheers, Jim

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You need an Etsy shop, Mike!

Repurposing a light is always a good idea.

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Nice design. Fine craftsmanship, as always.

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Hey Mike,

Those are cute little things, but what are they for?

(I noticed you added me to your buddy list and I don't know why except maybe I favorited one of your projects, so "Hi!")