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I picked up a piece of morado from the scrap bin at a wood store and was intrigued by the sharp contrast between the sapwood and heartwood. Each coaster is made of four strips, placed in an alternating pattern. The join lines are just about invisible.
Special Note 1: I couldn't do my normal routine of planing them flat, since the sapwood sections had grain that went in every direction - no consistency. I ended up power sanding them down to a smooth surface and it worked pretty well.
Special Note 2: I put one coat of oil/varnish blend on it, and that wasn't a great idea. Drying was a big concern. It took a couple weeks before the finish on the heartwood sections stopped being tacky. Since then I've seen posts about finish not drying on oily woods like morado. In truth, finish probably wasn't necessary for this wood.



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love the contrast and the detail of the joints. Coasters are on my list, I think I will borrow this idea.