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Simple DIY Coatrack Build

I built this simple DIY coatrack in less than one day, using just a 2×4 and a hardwood dowel. I happened to have a drill press on my Shopsmith so I used that, but a drill with a drill guide (about $20 from Harbor Freight) can do the job just about as well.

This project can be done easily with simple tools, really just a table saw, drill with drill guide, and sander. I used epoxy to glue the dowels in just in case they weren't tight enough. They went in with some resistance, but epoxy will fill any gaps and make sure that they are in there held in solidly.

I used two coats of Minwax Tung Oil Finish, and screwed it into the studs, using wood screws with finish washers. Finish washers make everything look better!

Aside from being an easy construction method, I like the simple, modern design. I have always had an affinity for Shaker design and I think that comes through in this.

I hope you enjoyed my video. Please comment, like, and subscribe.

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Nice handy coat rack!!