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I needed a dedicated workbench for my miter saw. I wanted:
- solid mount for miter saw
- capacity for long pieces to be cut
- good dust collection for the saw's output
- lumber storage, including sheet goods
- storage for other items, cordless drills, air powered tools, fasteners, etc

I found a plan in a book from Woodcraft. You can also download it. but I modified it to have storage spaces rather than a space for a shop vac and a bin for cutoff pieces. I have a dust collector so instead I designed a dust collection port behind the saw to catch dust and route to a port where I could connect my Delta dust collector.

It started as a miter saw bench for my Ridgid 10 inch sliding compound miter saw, but as I needed more space I started using those ends that were open. I put a drill press and a metal shear on one end, and my Tormek grinding wheel on the other end. I also hang some small clamps, and use all of the storage.

Joinery was done primarily with pocket hole screws, though I used some half lap joints at beam intersections. Lumber was 2×4 from Home Depot. This was before I bought a jointer/planer combo machine, so I just installed with raw lumber. I picked boards that were eyeball true and that worked for a rough bench.

It has 6 casters so that I can move it around. With lumber loaded on, this thing is pretty heavy, so I wish I had gone with larger and better quality casters. I can move it, but it's a grunt as is.



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Very nice--talk about one stop shopping!! You can do a lot from one bench!

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looks terrific. I've been trying to think of a multi-use bench like this, def gonna Fav it and use it as a guide- thanks for posting!