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Project Information

You can just see the stand for my miter saw tucked in behind my table saw. I had had this attached to a wall-mounted shelf but I wanted it to be more mobile, so I built this stand out of particle board left over from the workbench. Built basically the same way and with some leftover melamine for the top it matches the bench pretty well.
I cut some plywood scraps to length and then screwed those to the bottom of the saw, then attached the casters to the plywood. this works pretty well and I made sure to leave room for the feet.
I also added a shelf to put scrap on using a piece of particle board that I had left over from an old desk.
I decided, since the saw was now mobile, to add some fold out wings that you cant really see in the picture so I can cut longer stock when the saw is not in it's parking spot.
I found some pieces of 1/2 melamine at a local recycle shop for $1 each, so I got 2. Ripped some scrap pieces of 2×4 down to 1"thick by 1 1/2 inch tall, then cut a 1/2 groove in the long side to set the melamine in. I mitered the corners but now wish I had just butt-jointed. The joints would be stronger and would have been easier to deal with.
After making the "wing-shelf" I attached the hinges for each one to a 1 1/2" wide piece of 5/8" plywood as a spacer, then attached that to another piece of 5/8 in plywood roughly 12" square. I then screwed THAT to the stand, making sure to get the wings level with the saw deck. This was actually the hardest part of the whole thing.
The support wings are hinged from the back and have a 1" hole in the front to get fingers into. The fold into the space that the spacer provides.
I've only used these once so far but they worked great are were super cheap to make as I had 90% of the materials already.
Edit: Added some additional pics.



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Nice, I am adding this to my list of project. Thanks for sharing!

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I notice, that just like in my shop, when you built a flat surface, and it immediately began gathering other tools! LOL
Nice job!