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Entertainment Center - Mission Style - Cherry / Oak / Walnut
After building mission style tables for the living room, my old entertainment center just didn't cut it. Finding mission style entertainment centers is somewhat challenging, since there was no such thing (entertainment center), when the style was developed. Finally found a picture of something from an Amish Furniture store that had the elements that I wanted (I definitely did NOT want to spend what they were charging!!

Design Criteria:
1. It had to fit my current TV, with a little extra room for growth (50" Plasma).
2. I wanted it to break down for moving. These things can get very big. The center was 56" wide, and the bookcase units on each side were 20". That puts it at 96" wide (8 feet). It HAD to break down.
3. I didn't want to look like components once assembled.
4. I wanted the TV to mount on the back wall of the bridge assembly (my prior entertainment center, had an open back, and the TV sat on the center console).

It is composed of 4 independent pieces, each that is free-standing.

Picture also has the 3 tops off, to make it easier to move.

The center section base has 6 legs since it is deeper than the 2 wing bookcases. The center section, as well as, the bridge section shares legs with the 2 wing bookcases. This basically means that these legs are only half as thick as the front legs, but to make it look right once assembled, the inside legs have the front piece laminated onto it that will cover both halvs of the leg.

You may have to zoom the picture, but the leg is in the shape of an L to provide the full width face to the leg.

Once assembled, it's almost impossible to tell that the leg is composed of 2 pieces (screwed together with brass screws).

Likewise the upper bridge section shared legs up to the height of the bookcases, but then became a full leg above the bookcases.

Those legs were definitely challenging. Fun project, glad it turned out like I imagined.



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Nice project! Getting a custom fit /design is the great part of woodworking.

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That'd look good in any fancy display home plus mine of course… Nice did sir!!