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Max, what great thoughtful projects. I like your designs. Your wife and the Kindergarten kids will love these. What kind of finish are you adding? I especially like the puppet tree. That is a neat idea.

Some thoughts to consider … If you add a strip of wood above the handle hole, it makes the handle thicker and is easier on your hands when you carry the weight. You could add the thickness just on the outside of the book-carry box. Here is an example.

Use the existing hole as the template, cut with a straight edge bit, ease the edge with a large round over bit. Just a suggestion to think about on your next project.

Now, about that rusty table saw top… Put some 60 grit paper on your random orbit sand paper, and figure on wearing out about three sheets doing it, but just sand the rust away, go over it with a smoother grit, and add a coat of paste wax. Buff away the excess wax. You will like the way the wood slides and the wax will protect it from rust for a while.

If you have a cup brush with a strong angle grinder, it will do an even better job and you can clean up the miter gauge slot as well, but a cup brush and angle grinder is an easy tool to get hurt with. Work slowly until you get the hang of using it. These yoked saw tops were equally rusty when I got them.

Projects that please wives and children are doubly nice. Keep boxing and keep posting.