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United States
I get 1 wall of our families 2 car garage to work on projects. I am working on building stowable rolling carts with drawers to hold tools so I can use the wall for lumber storage.

Pic 1: part of my workbench on one of its' cleaner days
Pic 2: Another part of my workbench with some wood stored underneath.
Pic 3: My newly minted mobile chop saw stand with fold-out wings.
Pic 4: My Ridgid R4510 mobile table saw. I want to build a wood stand for it but have other jobs that need to happen first.
Pic 5: My quarter-a$$ router table. hopefully soon to be upgraded.
Pic 6: Some home-made corner squares and push stick.

I've only really been working the wood for about 7 months so I'm not doing terribly. Trying to learn as fast as I can.



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Thought I would stop by and visit your shop. I like your home built router table. A router table may be one of my next projects.

Nice shop…...................