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Workshop Information

United States
Like a lot of us woodworkers my shop shares the garage with the wifes car. I have it arranged so that I can actually work with and without the car. When the car is in the garage, the tablesaw is positioned between the workbench and the bandsaw. This allows me to cut small pieces and also gives me access to the router table portion of the tablesaw. I can also use the bandsaw, the drill press, the radial arm saw and miter saw.

When the car is out of the garage the tablesaw is moved to the center of the car's stall. This allows me to cut larger stock and access the router table more easily. I also pull out the planer and jointer which gives me better access to them and to the bandsaw and radial arm saw.



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Mike, the diagram of your shop looks interesting. How about posting some pictures when you get a chance?