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Workshop Information

My shop is a one car garage attached to my duplex in Edmonton Alberta. I share the space with an ancient freezer, two racks full of stored items, various yard work supplies / equipment a few dozen bundles of survey stakes and all of the my survey equipment for my small surveying business. I have repurposed an old office desk into my work bench and covered an entire wall with racks for lumber storage.

As I start transitioning into more larger power tools with dust control I realized the severe handicap of only having two outlets in the garage running on a single 15 amp breaker. I can either have my Job site lights on and work with hand tools or I can turn off these lights (lighting is down to one bulb which is not ideal) and run my table saw with a shop vac hooked up to it. I can not use all three at once or the breaker will pop.

Naturally as I get more experienced, the plan is to relocate most of the clutter into an external 10' x 12' garden shed, sell the antique of a freezer for a smaller profile upright freezer that could be located in our basement and build an nice multipurpose Roubo style bench along with a wall of storage, I am very interested in building this storage system with significant inspiration from Jay Bates Miter Station
One of the best upgrades will be a 240 V subpanel which I will get an electrician friend of mine to help me install to code. This will allow me to improve dust control and shop lighting as well as upgrade some tools to 240 volt power.

In the meantime, I will make due with what I have. continue to refine my skills, especially with hand tools and hopefully start selling some products to pay for my shop upgrades.

*Shop Updates throughout 2016*
I have rearranged my shop to give me for floor space. All my large tools are now on their own mobile carts which are on casters, allowing me to pull out what i need when i need it and then put it away when it's out of use. This makes using all my tools much easier. I have acquired a few new tools, including a new Bad Axe Hybrid Saw (My pride and Joy) and a used 3 wheel band saw and a delta drill press. One of the biggest improvements is a cheap Craftex dust collector which i keep tucked away in a corner.

The mobile carts allow me to roll whatever tool i am using into the middle of the floor and hook up the near by dust collector before running it. It is very quick to set up and in my small space, works perfectly.



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from humble beginnings come great things all in time my friend you will get there enjoy the journey and welcome to lumber jocks

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Its a good start. Sounds like you have the right plan to keep it growing.
Nice to see more Canadians on the site. eh?