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While the shop is actually clean, I figured I should take this chance to post some pictures and share. Our house is a small 20×23, two levels. The shop is the lower level and consists of the woodshop, a clean room, and a utility room for the house. We (my girlfriend and I) use the shop to make carbon fiber sporting goods - mostly skis and longboards. Because composites produce some pretty nasty dust, considerable effort went into setting up an effective dust collection system. The system starts with a Grizzly G0440 (2HP) with a modified filter stack. You can check out our page if you are interested in more details about the dust collection system.

So the list of machines is this: the cyclone (of course), W1677 3HP Shop Fox cabinet saw, G1026 3HP Grizzly shaper, G0555 14" Grizzly bandsaw setup for resawing, DW735 13" Dewalt planer (looking to upgrade to a 15"), 10" Craftsman sliding compound mitersaw, and finally a G0705 2HP Grizzly mill/drill.

So to fit all of these with sufficient outfeeds, we had to get a little creative with machine locations. By hanging the cyclone extra high (and extending the bin hose) stock can pass by the narrow lower portion of the cyclone.

The bigger impact though was in setting up the bandsaw's outfeed. A removable "bridge" connects the bandsaw and chopsaw hood for generous outfeed when resawing.

Finally, more on the layup/clean room once we finish building the vacuum press table.



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Thanks for posting this Matt. It looks like you have a pretty well set up shop.

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Thanks Mark, its been a lot of work but I feel like we are getting close to the shop I want it to be.