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This project came as a request from the wife while she and our son were out of town for a week. She wanted some kind of built in book shelves that would frame our bed made while she was gone. She gave me a picture of some white melamine shelving that she found on pinterest that I immediately and completely ignored.

I used Gummy Cherry boards and milled them to 6" wide. Almost everything was too long for me to work in my usual 1 car garage but I took over our full garage while she was gone and borrowed a track saw. For the bottom 'Zig-Zag' units I used a tracksaw and mitered the joints and secured them with screws. I built one board at a time and it is primarily secured into studs of the side wall with a few hidden braces that I put into some of the corners. The design is meant to have 2 slots for things like our alarm clocks, phones, etc with space enough above for small lamps. I drilled out half circle against the wall on each board so you can feed wires through and keep them mostly hidden. I plan to add doors to the bottom section but did not have time and will have to do that in the future.

The top shelving is also made from Gummy Cherry and I created basic corbels by gluing Gummy Cherry into 3" blocks and then band-sawing them in half. The corbels are secured using small french cleats.

Everything was sanded, rubbed with Linseed Oil and given 1 coat of wipe on poly. I used some left over paint for the room to touch up the dry wall then got inspired to slap some on the front edge of everything… I normally am against painting wood but I like the way that look turned out.

Picture 1: Complete unit with Books
Picture 2: The very beginning, I used tape to lay out where the bed goes
Picture 3: Part way through the Zig-Zag units
Picture 4: Before Oiling
Picture 5: After Oiling and Paint
Picture 6: Detail of the Cherry and Joints

We shall see how much she likes it when she gets back!





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That should keep SWMBO happy.

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Very nice project with a unique design. Would be interested in more information on how you made the corbels and French cleat

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I think it would look a whole lot better without the painted edge. Makes it look cheap compared to natural wood. Also messes with the contrast vs the wall behind it.