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More pictures below… The first two pics are the before, and the rest are over the duration of the project.

These pictures are about 3 years old, I found them on my old computer the other night. This was my first attempt at remodeling something on the house I bought about 4.5 years ago. About a year after I moved in, I got married, and then my wife moved in with me, she is shall we say VERY 'particular' . She is from Brazil and not afraid to speak her mind on anything! So needless to say had I known we were gonna get married she would've never let me buy this house because it was built in 1964 and is all original, no upgrades and an partially unfinished basement, it needs a complete remodel.

So since we don't have a master bath connected to our bedroom, I thought I'd try and impress my wife with some built-ins in the closets, easier said than done though! Her favorite part of everything is the shoe shelves, go figure, and I only get 1 and a half of the shelves… The shelves I think are at a 15 degree angle, and the top of the middle section can fit up to a 32" TV.

For the built-ins, the glass, pants hangar and the cage storage bin things were purchased at IKEA. All of the rest of it I built using mostly MDF and some plywood. The drawers under the glass are actually just a copy of what IKEA sells but I had to make them because they didn't offer anything in the finish that would match our trim and that obviously would've looked weird.

My entire house is covered in red oak hardwoods, so I refinished the floor myself as well, that was my first time doing that, I have to say it was hell! I made a big mistake and was so anxious to get a coat of stain after all of the sanding and prepping and resealing the natural floor that I put a coat on late in the afternoon and didnt get the 2nd coat on until the next day, SO that ended up in my wife making me put 7 coats of stain on it until it was dark enough for her liking! It was brutal, being a very tall dude it was killer on my back, not to mention the 7 coats of polyurethane on the floor, and all of the light sanding and wiping down in between coats. I think if I could do it over again I would leave it the natural oak color and not go with the stain, the stain looks nice but its just too much work for one person. And that being my first attempt although everyone has told me they look great, I see all of the little flaws in it. I used Cabot red mahogany stain and polyurethane for floors, cant remember the brand..

before sanding but dusty from popcorn ceiling removal:

before sanding:

Sanded down:

first coat

More coats (i lost track at this point)

And more:

2nd worst part of this project was building the small doors in the middle section of the closets. I made the frames myself then bought the mirrors from a local glass shop. My wife told me there was too much of a gap between
enough room for the doors to swing freely but she wouldn't have it (married men know what I mean!), that started about a 2 month process of me trying to get the doors to open and close properly without hitting the casing but it never happened. Then I got the doors all done and she decided that they needed to have a border around it. So I took some leftover 1/4" x 3/4" window trim, ripped it down as thin as I possibly could and made a border around the four doors. Which also made the doors thicker and harder to adjust once again. It was one of the most draining projects I've ever had. One thing I really wish I would've done but didnt because of money issues: I wish I would've spent the ridiculous $170 on those special hinges that let you open the doors and then slide them back into the cabinet, but that would've meant I couldn't fit a 32" TV in the cabinet, and 32" is a minimum for me, I'm a big TV guy!

Oh yeah, and I had to remove, mud, sand and refinish the entire ceiling because wifey just couldn't stand the popcorn ceiling!

As hard as it is to admit, the wife was right about a lot of things, the closet doors do look WAY better with the white frames around them, I will re-post a picture with the doors and their white trim because I dont see any in here. But I'll never admit it to her!!!!

Sorry for the novel, enough babbling. These picture sure bring back some great memories! lol.



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Nice job on the remodel. Did you build the white doors or were they prefab? I'm going to have to build my closet doors so I was curious.

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Thanks! I didnt build the closet doors, bought them from a place here around Portland called Suburban Door, they are really nice but were pretty spendy, the were around $350 per pair…

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Here is a pic of the doors after I put the borders on them.