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A gentleman approached me at a craft show and asked if I could do a custom coin display for a friend.
He brought me the coins and I inset them into a piece of walnut flooring I got from an elderly woodworker who was closing his shop.
I've never done a custom coin shape other than round so I did a prototype with his coins and a couple of mine to figure out the best method.
Forstner bit for rough inset finished with a dremel router.
The round coin is inset into blue felt.
The other two coins are inset directly into the wood (pressed in by hand).
Finish is hand rubbed 2#shellac polished on the Beall Buff.
Appreciate any comments, critiques, or suggestions.



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I think you did a GREAT job of getting the items beautifully displayed!

Very COOL…

You did GREAT!!

I'll bet everyone was overjoyed with it…

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That is an impressive project - well done my friend.

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These look really well done Pete. Your customer should be very happy with them.

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Hey Pete,,
I have a few RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Plaques hidden away in my garage gathering dust.

Your post prompted me to ask the question, let me know and I can take some pictures if of interest.

A very impressive process to mount the shields/coins, I would be interested in just how you did it.

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Rob, would love to see the pictures.
As for the process.
I traced around each coin and then rough drilled the holes with a forstner bit.

Note the 1/4" holes go all the way through so the coins can be pushed out if necessary.

Then I used a dremel tool in a router attachment with a 1/8" spiral upcut bit to cut away to the pencil lines.
There was a lot of carve, check fit, carve some more until I got the holes just big enough to press the coins in.

There was also a far bit of strong language as the bit kept vibrating down in the chuck, but the extra depth isn't noticed behind the coin.