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Workshop Information

United Kingdom
Titan Table Saw £99
Titan Bandsaw £79
Titan Thicknesser Planer £179
Guild Bench Grinder £20
Guild Router £50
Router bits x35 (Birthday pressie Ebay)
Guild Detail Sander £15
Bosch Sheet Sander (Prehistoric).
Guild cordless drill £29
Irwin Chisel Set £9 (In a sale).
Digital Vernier and Angle gauges (Ebay cheapies) £30
Cordless Dremel (Donated by stepdaughter Kerry)
Lots of hand tools (Boot sales and collection over the years).
Shed 10' x 8' covered with a Tarpaulin to keep the English weather out.
Heater blower to stop me from freezing to death.


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It looks like your on your way to a lifetime of enjoyment and creation. The first three items are (to me) the most important as I use them every day.