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Check out the video here:

Next video coming out should be the Mario shown at the end, I will put the link here

What do you get for a teenager for christmas? Hell if I know so I made this. I had actually messed around doing a painting of one of these and really liked how it came out. That put it in my head to try to make some wooden pixels and do the same thing. Cut out a bunch of little squares and glue them together, easy right?

Well there was nothing horrible complicated about this other than figuring out how to make repeatable squares on the tablesaw this small without chopping my fingers off. I think my blade is going bad so I did have to keep a fair amount of pressure on the wood in two directions. After a couple ideas that just didn't feel safe I came up with a push block that was just shallower than the 1" squares. I coupled that with a stop block and another clamp so I could stick a long piece of wood in there to keep it from rising up.

Another technical issue was how to keep the whole thing from going cattywampus when I glued it together. A right angle jig made from some scraps and moving upstairs to a perfectly flat table solved that. I had kicked around putting each row together and then sanding the connecting edges flat and using biscuits, but that would have just taken way too much time. The gaps didn't turn out horribly and a little wood filler got rid of them.

What I did leave out of this video was a lot of boring square cutting, and a lot of boring sanding. The different wood wasn't exactly the same thickness (maybe an 1/8 off) so I had to level everything out as well as knock all the irregularities from the table saw off of every square (over 200 total)

I'm really happy with how the two pieces came out, however I'm not chomping at the bit to do another one. It was a much more time and labour intensive build then I had envisioned at the start.



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Mona lisa 8 bit next, right :) Nicely done, and thanks for sharing.

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Fun, very nice pixels.