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Project Information

Although I completed this project a couple years ago, I am trying to catch up on posting all my projects. I completed 3 pieces for my daughter's playroom:

1) Dresser style storage with 3 flipup doors. The entire unit is maple hardwood and plywood. We found some cute angels for pulls. Also, my wife added a late requirement for the doors to either lock or be hard to open for small kids. My solution was to 1/4" drill holes through the side of the frame and into the bottom of each door. Clevis pins are inserted to hold the door shut - they actually work really well, are hardly noticeable, and require a strong rare earth magnet to remove them since they fit in so snug.

2) Bookshelf - also made of maple hardwood and plywood.

3) Bench - made from a single slab of maple. The legs were glued to the bottom with big mortise/tenon joints. The distance between the legs was set to take 3 of those standard cube storage units.

All pieces received a sealer and then 2 coats of GF Satiin Gel Topcoat.



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Really nice work and sure to be with your daughter for a lifetime.