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Width: 8 inches
Height: .25 inches
Finish: Water based dyes, Wipe on Poly over Tried & True Varnish Oil

This is one of my first chances to play around with some water based dyes. I had some maple scrap left over from a couple of larger bowl turnings and decided to play around with it (Credit LJ Trifern for my interest in playing around with the dyes here - his finishing work with dye is amazing)

I turned this thin platter, masked the recessed rim, and then experimented with several different dyes. Before I applied any oil, it had a fair amount of yellowish highlights, but most of that washed out when I applied the oil. I'm curious if just going straight to the poly would have preserved more of the last color layer.

Anyway, a fun little weekend project that I slowly finished throughout this week. I will definitely play some more with the dyes and see what I can come up with.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome!



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I like it. When I use oil over a dye it washes out the grain and some of the color. Now I color, then thin coat of shellac, then poly. Really had good results with that mix. I mainly use alcohol based dyes but Im sure it would work just as well with wb dyes. Give it a try. I dont think there is anything wrong with what you have there though. Its always fun to play with different finishes! Good luck. Thanks for sharing.